New SEC regulations spark transformation for Serrus Capital Partners

Posted on Oct 22, 2013 in News | 1 comment

Changes allow direct solicitation of qualified investors.

Greenville, S.C. | October 22, 2013 – Serrus Capital Partners, a Greenville-based real estate investment and management company, is excited to announce that new regulations passed by the Securities and Exchange Commission have lifted the ban on the advertising and mass marketing of private securities offerings. These changes mark a milestone in Serrus’s history, as the company can now share details of their offerings.

For the past two years, Serrus Capital Partners has been recognized as one of South Carolina’s 25 Fastest Growing Companies. The company now coordinates the staff, systems, and management processes of over 350 residential properties. The properties include single family residences and residential units in Carolina Walk in Columbia, SC and at The Residences at Biltmore in Asheville, NC.

Co-founders Steve Mudge and Leighton Cubbage have both had corporate and entrepreneurial careers with decades of collective experience across multiple industries. The partners have used that wide expertise to purchase properties for cash and reposition them for rental or sale at current market conditions. This approach has allowed Serrus to improve communities while acting with integrity in a market that continues to recover.

As stated by CEO Steve Mudge, “The concept was born to deliver what we call a ‘sleep well at night’ investment. We invest in hard assets that have produced returns with rents and good margin sales. Our current offering, Serrus Fund II, has a target of 15% IRR. Investors have loved the 7% preferred return paid quarterly and the 50% of sales profits distributed quarterly. Once we sell out and distribute 100% of the investment back plus the preferred return, the profits are split 60% to the investors and 40% to Serrus.

Chairman Leighton Cubbage adds, “We built this business to deliver returns for folks who wanted a local investment they could trust. Our funds are fully audited by a large regional accounting firm, and we give each investor a password-protected website with the financials and audits online. It’s such a relief to be able to discuss the results and offering to the public. We have bought properties, added value to neighborhoods, and put people to work in one of the worst economies I’ve seen in my life. Our investors love that we are a local investment with hard assets, and the new regulations are a total game changer. We’re ready to capitalize on this opportunity and reach out to a whole new investor base.”

The changes to private securities regulations represent a paradigm shift in the industry. By approaching qualified investors through advertising and marketing, Serrus can broaden its potential investor base, including people with $1 million in assets (not including their home), an income of $200,000 for individuals or $300,000 per couple. All financial information must be verified by a CPA, attorney or financial advisor.

ABOUT SERRUS CAPITAL PARTNERS: Serrus Capital Partners combines real estate development expertise with an entrepreneurial spirit and financial insights to manage investment capital wisely while growing a strategic portfolio of properties. Its operations arm, Serrus Real Estate and Property Management, provides residential owners with professional, turn-key leasing and management services in the Upstate area at a cost-effective rate. With decades of experience across the Southeast, Serrus Capital is the region’s leader in residential real estate asset investment and management.

Please contact us if you would like additional information about Serrus Capital Partners or an investment in one of our investment funds. Past performance does not guarantee future returns, and there are risks in an investment in our funds. Any offering will be made exclusively by a private placement memorandum which will include a description of the risks of an investment. The offering will be limited to accredited investors.


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  1. Hello,

    I have received a couple of emails from your company in the last several months, which has prompted me to want to know a little more about your company.

    I would like to understand a little more about the requirements to become a qualified investor.

    Can you clarify for me if the requirement is to have both, 1ML in assets and a $200,000 income, or is it either of the two.

    If it is indeed only one, then can you clarify the income portion. Is the $200k requirement a base salary requirement or total earnings.

    If the 200k is based on total earnings, then I would like to know the min. investment amount required.

    Thank you,

    Renee Anderson

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